Jose Palacios

My Biography

José Palacios was born in Guatemala City, where he studied high-school and frequently traveled abroad to study in the field of Arts in several countries of Europe, Italy most frequently than others.  After studying architecture and engineering in Guatemala, he left the country and studied a B.A. in Architecture at Técnologico de Monterrey, México.  He begun participating in international competitions at an early stage of his career where he accumulated a number of wins for his school and foster country México, including the most prestigious recognition; the Mario Pani Award. Later on he moved to Australia to compliment his B.A. of Architecture where he got immersed in first-world building technologies and found his passion for tectonics and the built-form.  He later won access to work as an apprentice in the prestigious italian firm Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) just before he went back home to Guatemala and founded PXP Architecture.  He later moved to New York City where he studied at the Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation of Columbia University, and later founded PXP Architecture LLC in Brooklyn, NY.

About my education

Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala City, Guatemala – Architecture

Universidad Galileo, Guatemala City, Guatemala- Industrial Engineering

Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico – Bs.A. Architecture

University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia. – B.A. Architecture

Columbia University, New York, U.S.A. – M.S.A.A.D. Architecture


About my expirience working


José Palacios prior to founding PXP Architecture worked with the prestigious landscape architect and his mentor Claudia Harari (Harari Architects) in the city of Monterrey, México and also worked in high-end projects in U.S.A like the Harvard Art Museums in Cambridge, MA and the Kimbell Museum in Fort Worth Texas, during his professional stage at the Renzo Piano Building Workshop in Genova, Italy.

Back home in Guatemala, through the PXP Architecture firm has worked in several Housing, Office Buildings, Interior, Landscape, and Furniture design.  Also, high complexity projects go back to his academic era where he developed projects such as an Airport in Canberra, Australia, an Aquarium in Tampico, Mexico, and Urban Interventions in Amman, Jordan and Shanghai China. All gained international recognition.


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